How To Conceive A Girl
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Help & Advice On How To Conceive A Girl (Or Boy)

How To Conceive A Girl

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If your heart is set on a son and you are wondering how to get pregnant with a boy, you will find the work of Dr. Landrum Shettles exciting. Dr. Shettles authored How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, and he said that his methods were up to 90% effective for couples who followed his recommendations.

Shettles Method Reviews

With millions of moms out there who have tried the Shettles method of conception, there are lots of opinions on whether or not it works. Many swear that it does, and they are happy with the proof - a bouncing baby boy or girl that came according to plan. What most like best about Shettles is the price - its free, and requires no expensive, inconvenient medical intervention. You can practice the Shettles method in the privacy of your own home, which is a significant benefit for many couples.

Shettles Method Boy

The theory behind the
Shettles method is that sperm, which carries the gender-determining X or Y chromosome, has different physical characteristics. For example, the Y (boy) chromosome-carrying sperm is smaller, faster, more delicate, and quicker to die. The X (girl) chromosome-carrying sperm is bigger, slower, sturdier, and lives longer. When Dr. Shettles considered how to have a boy, he came up with a plan that capitalized on Y chromosome-carrying sperms’ assets.

The most critical component of the gender selection plan is understanding your body, so that you know when you are ovulating. This key factor determines the best time to conceive, so you can play to the strengths of the sperm carrying the chromosome you are hoping for. Continued below....

To have a boy, take these steps to maximize your chances:

intercourse just once on the day of ovulation. The faster, shorter-lived boy sperm will have a better chance of getting to the just-released egg first. Increase sperm count. Dad should abstain from any sexual activity for four or more days before ovulation. Boxers, not briefs. Dad needs to keep his swimmers cool for the best chance of having a boy. Tight clothing, especially tight underwear is out, and save the saunas, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis for another time.

Shettles Method Girl

If you are hoping for
sugar and spice, give the stronger, longer-lasting X-chromosome-carrying sperm have a better chance, by avoiding intercourse on the day that you ovulate. These guys live longer, so they will keep going, after the Y-chromosome-carrying sperm have given up. The main drawback to this is for couples who are struggling to conceive, as conception is more likely on the day of ovulation.

Dad will be happy to hear that
ejaculating often is more conducive to conceiving a girl. Somewhat lower sperm count makes conditions more favorable for the X-chromosome carriers. Sexual positions that lend themselves to shallow penetration mean that sperm has farther to travel. The hardier X-chromosome carrying sperm will have an advantage, as they live longer and can swim farther.

Shettles Method Diet

Dr. Shettles suggested that the diets of both mom and dad can contribute to having the gender of choice.

For a boy, dad should drink caffeine, which gives both sets of sperm some extra energy, but has greater effect on the Y carriers. For a girl, mom should avoid caffeine which can reduce fertility.

There are additional theories about diet that are intended to make the vaginal canal more hospitable to sperm (for a boy) or less hospitable (for a girl). High sodium and high potassium diets support the sperm carrying Y chromosomes, while focus on calcium food sources and those strong in magnesium make it harder for sperm to get through.

As with any diet plan, speak to your doctor before you begin to ensure you stay healthy for your baby.

Shettles Method