How To Conceive A Girl
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Help & Advice On How To Conceive A Girl (Or Boy)

How To Conceive A Girl

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Plan My Baby Review

Alicia's book will go into more detail and believe it or not, the sexual position does matter. She will actually explain how to increase the chance of the desired chromosome to fertilize your egg! Alicia's program has a 94% success rate, which is why she believes wholeheartedly in her program that a money back guarantee is offered.

The Plan My Baby program is 100% natural - no fertility drugs to go through. This easy to follow program seems to be worth trying if you really want a specific gender.

Plan My Baby - Alicia Pennington

Alicia Pennington wrote the popular gender selection book, Plan My Baby. She has helped more than 8000 couples successfully choose their baby's gender. For 12 years she was a midwife. Part of her inspiration of writing this book was after meeting a woman suffering depression because she had high hopes of having a boy; she already had two girls.

Alicia thought about her new friend and how to get pregnant with a boy sat with her. This inspired her to take action. She did her research, took courses, talked to doctors and more. She took away a lot of information and decided to put it to use; Alicia and her husband wanted to start a family. They tried it and was successful.

Plan My Baby - Conclusion

To sum up this Plan My Baby Review;
this is a good program and is worth the risk. There is no health risks and no fertility treatments, the program is 100% natural and safe. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

This is not 100% effective but the odds are in your favor! You really have nothing to lose. If you do find the Plan My Baby program not effective, there is a money-back guarantee so you will not have to worry about losing anything.

I think if you really want to know how to have a boy or girl, read Alicia Pennington's book, it is worth the risk.

If you are looking to get pregnant, do you want to know how to have a boy? How about a girl? Long ago, we had no choice about what the gender should be, Mother Nature did that. Today, gender choice IS possible.

With some research and studies the Plan My Baby book found methods to use for couples to have the baby boy, or girl, they want. Take for instance a couple who already has 2 boys, they want a girl but do they take the chance? If this sounds like you, you will be happy to know with the help of this book, it is now possible.

Alicia Pennington is the author of Plan My Baby, otherwise known as Prince or Princess. She has put together a three-step program to almost guarantee your choice of a boy or a girl this is the Plan My Baby Review.

Plan My Baby Program

Alicia's Plan My Baby Program has found a way to have the boy, or girl, you want; naturally.


You don't have to go through any fertility treatment; it is all done by following 3-steps. Step one entails knowing when you are ovulating. This is the time when you are most likely to become pregnant. The Ph balance is the secret in this step.

When the Ph balance shifts towards alkaline, you will increase your chances of having a boy. On the other hand to have a girl you will have to shift it towards acidic. So your balance during time of ovulation will effect the gender. The foods you eat will determine what your Ph balance is.

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