How To Conceive A Girl
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Help & Advice On How To Conceive A Girl (Or Boy)

How To Conceive A Girl

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Penelope Louise Brown Review

She lists and dispels other myths such as wearing blue to bed to have a boy, or drinking coffee to speed male sperm, instead offering solid scientific information on the ways to have a girl or a boy so that couples can go beyond their anxiety and depression about the issue and build the happy, tailor-made family that they want.

Penelope Louise Brown How To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Penelope Louise Brown's helpful,
scientifically-based program is offered in two versions: How To Get Pregnant With A Boy and How To Get Pregnant With A Girl. Both are succinct, helpful guides that offer a safe and natural step-by-step method to choose your child's gender.

She explains the importance of knowing your ovulation cycle and charting it so that you can have sex at the optimum time, and explains in details the strengths and weaknesses of both the female and male sperm. By taking advantage of the male sperms speediness and the female sperm's hardiness, she provides invaluable advice on how to maximize each to have the child of your dreams.

The details include information on diet and supplements and their impact on the acidity or alkalinity of the cervical mucus, and the best sexual positions for getting sperm closer to the cervix for a boy, farther away for a girl.

Penelope Louise Brown Fertility Expert

In putting together her well-researched guides, Penelope Louise Brown has included a tremendous collection of helpful information for couples trying to build their family. For just
$37, she not only includes her manual on getting pregnant with a girl or boy baby; she also provides her popular e-books "A Guide to Your Pregnancy," "Choosing the Right Baby Monitor," and "How to Look Great in Maternity Clothing."

All together, her books provide all the information a couple could want to have a boy or girl and have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Penelope Louise Brown is a fertility and gender selection expert who has helped thousands of couples to fulfill their fondest dreams. Whether a couple is hoping to conceive a boy or a girl, and for whatever reason they have that preference, Penelope Louise Brown has provided a step by step guide that helps them to get pregnant quickly and easily with the baby that they want.

By explaining how to take advantage of the unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of male and female sperm, she provides the answers that have helped so many have the girl or boy baby they want.

Penelope Louise Brown Review

With great sympathy and understanding, Penelope Louise Brown writes extensively about the variety of reasons that couples may choose to exert control over  the gender of the


child they are about to conceive. She explains that some couples want to keep the size of their family small in an effort to provide a level of security during uncertain economic times, while others are getting older and running out of time to conceive a child of each gender in the time they have left; Penelope Louise Brown makes no judgments on the reason for gender preference. Instead, she provides helpful information on how to get pregnant with either a boy or girl.

She acknowledges that the desire to choose a child's gender has existed for centuries, and even explains that historically people went to such extremes as removing the father's testicle in the mistaken belief that male sperm existed on one side, female sperm on the other. Continued below....