How To Conceive A Girl
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Help & Advice On How To Conceive A Girl (Or Boy)

How To Conceive A Girl

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How To Have A Baby Boy

How To Have a Baby Boy Book

When reviewing the information in fertility books on
how to have a boy, many experts recommend learning the woman's ovulation cycle well, then having the man avoid ejaculation for three or four days prior to ovulation and having sex immediately upon ovulation or just a few hours beforehand.

The reason for this is that the male sperm are very fast, but they die quickly. Following these rules makes sure that the speedy male sperm are in greater concentration ahead of the female sperm at the exact best moment to get pregnant.

It is also recommended that the sexual position used is one that promises deeper penetration, as this deposits the sperm closer to the cervix. Finally, the woman having an orgasm will help push the sperm deeper more quickly.

Other recommendations that center on the sperm have to do with the environment that the sperm is deposited into; studies have shown that acidic foods create a vaginal pH level that kills male sperm, so the mother should try to stick to a low acid diet; red meat, salty snacks, caffeine and fish are all recommended foods.

How To Have a Baby Boy Calendar

In addition to the recommendations on physical things you can do when
trying to get pregnant with a boy, some people swear that timing is everything.

There is an ancient Chinese gender chart that many claim has been 98% accurate both for finding out a baby's sex before being born and for family planning. This chart's determining factors are the exact age of the mother at the time of conception and the month that conception takes place.

Most people use this chart to determine the sex of an already-conceived child, while others use the chart backwards, figuring out which months they should try to get pregnant in order to select the gender that they prefer for their child.

There are so many reasons why, when planning a family, couples may want to choose the sex of their baby. Some may want to have a boy first because they've always dreamed of having a big brother to watch over a younger sister.

Others may hope to have a boy to carry on their family name, or because they already have one or more daughters and had always wanted a son too. Whatever the reason, it has been reported that given the option, up to ninety percent of couples would choose their baby's gender.

Though there are no guarantees, there are a number of methods available to increase your chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy. Tips range from what to eat, to when to have sex, to what the best positions are. Do your homework, know what you're doing, then go decorate your nursery in blue.

How To Have a Baby Boy Naturally

Scientifically speaking, there are ways to intervene in the laboratory in order to determine the sex of your baby. But if you want to choose your baby's gender naturally, you have to start with a lot of information.

The single most important thing you need to understand is that a baby's sex is determined by the sperm; women's eggs contain two X chromosomes, while men's sperm contains either X (female) or Y (male) chromosomes.

Tips on getting pregnant with a boy center on doing everything you can to increase the chances of a Y sperm being the one to fertilize the egg. Knowing that, and also knowing that there are certain characteristics and weaknesses that the male sperm have, enhances your chances tremendously.

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