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Help & Advice On How To Conceive A Girl (Or Boy)

How To Conceive A Girl

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Choose The Sex Of Your Baby Review

Choose The Sex Of Your Baby Selection Kit

Choose The Sex Of Your Baby selection kit explains the 3 steps you need to be successful.

First, you need to be aware of your pH levels. If your levels are more acidic favors girls and alkalinity favors boys; this is scientifically proven. Candace explains the science of it in her kit. I find this information is valid given that we were taught this in high school.

Then in step two you can make necessary adjustments to your levels. Candace also provides you methods to shift your levels and it is 100% safe and natural; this is a no brainer. If you are at the levels you want, then proceed to step three which is making your baby during the "crucial dates" the author talks about.

Choose The Sex Of Your Baby Review

This kit is so simple, you will have a hard time believing it works. However, even though it seems easy,
it does take dedication, commitment and hard work.

It is logical to try this method, and others like it, first instead of the fertility treatments. Those treatments are for couples that are having trouble getting pregnant and they turn to treatments like the IVF process.

A benefit that comes with those, is the option of gender selection. So people with more money may opt for these methods because of the high success rate. But the way I see it, Candace's Pick the Gender of Your Baby selection kit is high enough to choose her method for many reasons, starting with the most important, it is 100% safe and natural, unlike those fertility treatments.

Then there is her 94% success rate as opposed to a 99%; not much difference considering it is healthier and less expensive. To top it off she guarantees a double money back guarantee. That shows enough confidence to get my vote.

The Choose The Sex Of Your Baby Bonus

Candace's confidence just shines through her kit as
she also gives 3 welcome gifts with the purchase of one of her kits.

Whether you purchase the 1, 3 or 6 month kit you receive them. You get the 44 page e-book "Prevent and Cure Morning Sickness"; what woman doesn't want to know that secret!

She also gives you a report about her Healthy Pregnancy without Pounds project and also a list of the top 500 baby names of the year. These are the topping of the cake. There is no reason not learn how to have a boy or girl, Candace's way; no risk is involved.

Gender selection has always been studied since history could be recorded. Early drawings show this was being investigated and more so in later times by Asians, Egyptians and Greeks.

Back in the 1980s and 90s more research and work was put into this area and now how to have a boy (or girl) is possible. There are a variety of fertility treatments available that can give you the baby boy or girl you desire. These procedures are costly and can be painful. You may have to give yourself shots as you prepare for the procedure. But before spending thousands, you may be thinking about spending a couple hundred on Candace Hopkins' Choose The Sex Of Your Baby of Your Baby selection kit. This kit offers steps to help you have the son or daughter you want, but how good is it really?

The Success Of Choose The Sex Of Your Baby Of Your Baby

The natural method to conceive a child gives you a 50/50 chance of having the boy or girl. Those couples who go through traditional sperm screening techniques increase their


chances to 60 to 70%. Then the procedures like IVF treatments which may sound good, however there are some drawbacks, like the use of fertility drugs. But if you want to know how to get pregnant with a boy or girl try the natural and safe way; the Choose The Sex Of Your Baby selection kit is one of the most expensive solutions.

From the looks of it, you have nothing to lose. The cost is low compared to more traditional medical procedures and it is 100% safe and natural. Although this method is not 100% guaranteed, your chances, at 94%, are high enough to take that chance. The author specifies that her kit will work if the steps are followed precisely. However, you won’t find this program listed in our Top 5 list because the cost is very high compared to what else is out there offering the same thing. Continued below....

Choose The Sex Of Your Baby Review