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Help & Advice On How To Conceive A Girl (Or Boy)

How To Conceive A Girl

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Alicia Pennington Review

Her studies revealed that a good understanding of the impact of timing, diet and sexual position can empower couples to control the gender of their child before conception.

The first of the three steps she teaches involves studying and understanding the basics of conception itself. She explains the best ways to predict the timing of ovulation and how to take advantage of the various points in your cycle as well as the alkalinity or acidity of cervical mucus in order to fulfill your pink or blue dreams.

The second step she describes is how your diet can impact whether you get pregnant with a boy or a girl. Her medical background has given her a full understanding of how good nutrition impacts your ability to conceive, as well as how small changes to your diet will impact your baby's gender.

She provides simple to follow menus that will change the pH environment of your vagina and also explains what that does to the male and female sperm.

Finally, Alicia provides crucial information as to how the way you have sex can determine the gender of your child. She provides simple graphics explaining why some sexual positions are more likely to produce a girl, while others are likely to produce a boy. She also explains the role of the woman's orgasm on the sex of your child, and even how the man should ejaculate. Putting all of these small pieces together, she has devised an almost foolproof method of having the prince or princess your most want.

Alicia Pennington Review Prince Princess

In addition to the extremely valuable information that Alicia Pennington provides in her book, Prince or Princess, the Plan My Baby program offers additional resources for once you successfully conceive. For just
$47, not only do you get the book that will improve your chances of getting pregnant with the boy or girl that you want, you also receive her invaluable e-book titled "A Healthy Pregnancy," culled from her years as a midwife. She also includes her e-book "Breastfeeding Secrets," which provides all the tips you will need on breastfeeding successfully and painlessly.

With all of this, Alicia Pennington also provides a 100% money back guarantee of your satisfaction with her program.

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Alicia Pennington is an experienced midwife who has delivered hundreds of babies and cared for their mothers from pregnancy through to after their birth. Years of caring for and speaking with her patients has exposed her to the frustrations that so many voiced about their inability to control the gender of their babies; as each baby has been born and women have expressed their secret disappointment at not having had the baby prince or princess that they had hoped for, Alicia has found herself wishing that she could help.

She has done exhaustive research into the science of gender and has successfully applied what she's discovered twice to herself and many more times for her patients. She has finally decided to share her discoveries with the world of couples wishing for more control over their baby's sex, and has written the ultimate guide to successfully planning your baby's gender, safely and naturally. With a reported 94% success rate,

Alicia Pennington's Plan My Baby program is one of the most effective gender planning techniques available.


Alicia Pennington Review Plan My Baby

Alicia Pennington's program provides an enormous amount of valuable information. She dispels the notion that choosing the gender of your baby is impossible without expensive IVF treatments or other invasive or dangerous procedures. She also dismisses non scientific theories. Instead, she offers proven, scientific information on the three major aspects of natural, safe, effective gender selection. She started her research after being exposed to heartbroken mothers who had hoped for either a boy or a girl but, having reached the limit of either their fertility or their desired family size, had been disappointed. Continued below....

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