How To Conceive A Girl
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Help & Advice On How To Conceive A Girl (Or Boy)

How To Conceive A Girl

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When you're trying to get pregnant, chances are you'll be happy regardless of whether you have a girl or boy; the most important thing is that your baby is born healthy. Of course, if you do have a preference there's nothing wrong with helping nature along, and there are several steps you can follow prior to conceiving that are reputed to influence the gender of your baby.

If you're interested in having a girl, your options range from adjusting your diet to changing your sexual position, to keeping your eye on your ovulation and adjusting when you choose to have sex. Most of the recommendations are based on some kind of scientific reasoning. Following these recommendations can increase your chances of seeing pink.

How To Conceive A Girl Ovulation Calendar

Because a baby's sex is determined by whether the sperm that reaches the egg is a carrying an X (female) or Y(male) chromosome, the focus of gender-selection methods is on what conditions are most conducive to female sperm survival and less male sperm friendly. Studies have shown that male sperm are the faster swimmers, but female sperm live longer once they've entered the woman's vagina, so creating situations where the female sperm are present during ovulation and males aren't will increase your chances of having a girl.

To that end, if you're trying to have a baby you probably know when you're ovulating so you can increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you want a girl, have sex about four days and no less than two days prior to ovulation, then wait until a few days after ovulation before having sex again. This way, most of the male sperm will have died by the time you ovulate, leaving more of the long-lived female sperm in a better position to successfully reach and fertilize the egg.

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How to Conceive A Girl Naturally

Another thing that is known about male versus female sperm is that male sperm survive better in an alkaline environment, while
girl sperm do better in an acidic environment. If you're trying to get pregnant with a girl, you can affect the pH environment of the woman's reproductive system in two ways; one is by choosing whether or not to have an orgasm, and the other is by choosing your sexual position wisely.

A woman's orgasm produces a substance that makes the vagina more alkaline, thus creating a friendlier environment for male sperm. Avoid orgasm and it gives the female sperm a better chance. Similarly, the vagina is more acidic the closer it is to the entrance, so avoiding deep penetration by opting for the missionary position will increase your chances of having a girl. Finally, an acidic diet is said to have an impact on the pH factor in the vagina, so eating a diet that's heavy on acidic foods like tomatoes, orange juice and grapefruit should eliminate some male sperm and benefit the females.

How To Conceive A Girl Chinese Calendar

Although there is
absolutely no trace of science involved in following the recommendations of the Chinese Lunar Birth Calendar, people swear that it works, and increases your chances of getting pregnant with a girl; when asked, many women will point to their carefully planned little girls as proof.

The calendar is purported to have originated in China over 700 years ago, and provides a simple grid that intersects the mother's age at conception with the month of conception to predict a baby's gender. The calendar is available in books and online, and is only applicable for women between the ages of 16 and 43. People claim that it is 99 percent accurate, although this statistic is strictly anecdotal.

How To Conceive A Girl